JABBERWOCKY is a popular boat tour and  takes guests from US and Canada as well as the UK and most other European countries so various  key dates throughout the year can get booked up early and therefore it is always wise to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.


To 30th August 2020 (excluding Christmas and New Year weeks – please ask for Christmas and New Year Prices)




DAY CHARTER   (approx 6 1/2 hours)  

Commencing 10.00am and finishing approximately 4.30pm . The cost includes snacks, a freshly prepared lunch served on board and an open bar of house wines, local beers, water and sodas.

  • For 2 guests   US$700
  •        4  guests  US$800
  •        6 guests   US$900
  •        8 guests   US$1000
  •      10 guests    US$1100


CRUISE SHIP CHARTER – Prices as above for Day Charter.


CELEBRATION CHARTERS  – Prices as above for Day Charter or as below for Late Lunch including Sunset Charter depending on the length of the charter you choose.


LATE LUNCH including  SUNSET CRUISE   (approx 7 1/2 hours)

The best of all worlds  –  commencing at 11.00am (during winter months) and 11.30am (during  summer months) . The cost includes snacks, a freshly prepared lunch, canapés and champagne at sunset together with an open bar of house wines, local beers, water and sodas.

  • For 2 guests   US$850  
  •       4 guests    US$950     
  •       6 guests    US$1100     
  •       8 guests    US$1250
  •      10 guests   US$ 1400


MORNING SNORKEL CRUISE   (approx 4 hours)

Commencing at 9.00am and finishing at 1.00pm . The cost includes use of snorkel equipment, snacks with cheese, crackers  and a fruit platter and an open bar of house wines, local beers, water and sodas .

  • Up to 2 guests   US$450
  •               4 guests  US$500          
  •            6 guests   US$600         
  •            8 guests   US$700
  •           10 guests  US$800


SUNSET CHARTER   (approx  4 hours)

Commencing at 3.00pm (in winter) and 3.30pm ( in summer)   until approximately half an hour after sunset.  Cost includes  canapes and champagnes at sunset and an open bar of house wines, local beers, water and sodas .

  • Up to 2 guests   US$450
  •               4 guests  US$500          
  •            6 guests   US$600          
  •           8 guests   US$700
  •          10 guests   US$800



Two or three days aboard including overnight accommodation aboard the cost includes lunch each day, canapés, dinner, bed and breakfast, snacks and an open bar of house wines, beer water and sodas

Cost is the day charter rate (see above) plus US$300 per person per night. (maximum 6 guests in 3 double cabins)


To check availability click here for the Booking Enquiry form. 

or email the following information to

  • Your name and email address
  • The dates in which you are interested (the more flexible you can be the grater the chance we can offer you a date)
  • The number in your party (adults and children)
  • The type of charter choice or choices in which  you are interested
  • Any other information which might be useful (eg: cruise ship name and sailing times or name of hotel )

Once dates and costs have been confirmed, a firm booking can be made by telephone or email. We will require a credit or debit card details to secure the booking, but we will NOT  charge the card at booking stage .We will only charge the card if  you cancel less than 7 days before the charter date when a cancellation fee of 50% may be charged.



    1 .  FULL PAYMENT IN CASH on the day. Payment will be accepted  in US Dollars or EC Dollars

    2.  PAYMENT BY  CARD is  available if you provide details and AUTHORISE PAYMENT IN ADVANCE.   Please NOTE We cannot accept payment by card on the day.  We accept Visa and Mastercard but sorry NOT American Express

Booking in advance is always advisable and will  secure your trip and allows us to personalise your itinerary .

The adventure starts here……….  click here for the Booking Enquiry Form                    email                

                                                             or   call Kaye direct   +1 268 764 0595                         or Nick   +1 268 779 8198