Q. Why should I choose JABBERWOCKY ?

A. We believe JABBERWOCKY is the finest day charter yacht in Antigua for a number of good reasons:

  • Size: On a boat size really matters ! JABBERWOCKY is the largest monohull yacht available for private day charter in Antigua.
  • Shade: JABBERWOCKY provides shade even whilst sailing – essential during a hot tropical day
  • Sunbathing: JABBERWOCKY’s size provides plenty of deck for relaxing in the sun
  • Rain: The large bimini and spray hood provide protection from passing showers
  • Sails and Sailing: We will sail as much as possible dependant on wind conditions
  • Fun and Adventure; JABBERWOCKY offers real sailing – there is nothing like sailing with the wind in your hair as the yacht gently heels – something you just cannot get on a catamaran !
  • Comfort and Safety: This we take very seriously. If you are nervous we will do all we can to reassure you. We can adapt the way we sail and our itinery to suit most people. Ultimately giving you a great time is our aim.

Q. What should I bring ?

A. Swimwear, towels, suntan lotion, sunglasses, hats (beware big floppy ones tend to blow overboard !), camera (with a well charged battery and plenty of memory available), Ipod.   – Younger children may also need something to keep them entertained in case they lose interest in the beautiful sea, magnificent views and peace of sailing

Q. Do you have snorkelling equipment ?

A. JABBERWOCKY caries a selection of masks snorkels and fins aboard which you are welcome to use. Please feel free to bring your own snorkel equipment if you prefer.

Q. Do you have lifejackets?

A.  JABBERWOCKY has a large supply of life jackets for all ages  

Q. Will we be sharing the yacht with anyone else?

A. No – we only charter JABBERWOCKY to one party at a time – whether a couple enjoying their own company, a family or a group of friends. It will be just you, your yacht and your crew.

Q. Do you have to be a sailor to spend a day on JABBERWOCKY ?

A. Absolutely not. JABBERWOCKY is a fully crewed yacht. You come on board to relax while we sail the yacht, but if you would like to help out we are very happy to ‘show you the ropes’. 

Q. Do you snorkel during a sunset cruise?

A. The sunset charter starts mid – afternoon and does not give time to reach a worthwile snorkelling spot before the light begins to fade. To snorkel choose a morning snorkel cruise. a day charter or the late lunch including sunset cruise which of course has it all.      Please note for safe navigation purposes sunset cruises always end shortly after sunset in Jolly Harbour.

Q. Where does JABBERWOCKY pick up guests?

A. JABBERWOCKY normally picks up from Jolly Harbour Marina – this offers ideal calm water sailing along the western coast of Antigua with good sailing conditions, whilst being protected from the sometimes rougher Atlantic seas. We can pick up from English or Falmouth Harbour by special arrangement – although guests should be prepared to expect rougher sea conditions caused by the Atlantic. Pick up from anywhere other than Jolly Harbour may incur additional charges – please ask for details.

Q. Where does JABBERWOCKY drop off guests ?

A. JABBERWOCKY usually drops off at the same location as pick up, unless a one way trip to another destination has been pre – arranged.

Q. Can we sail round the island ?

A. It takes longer than 12 hours  to go right round because JABBERWOCKY sails as much as possible so we only offer a full circumnavigation as a three day charter, breaking the trip into three easy relaxed days, anchoring overnight at Great Bird Island and again at Green Island.

Q. Can we go to Barbuda ?

A. Not in a single day. It takes over 5 hours to sail to there and the same to come back so we only offer a trip to Barbuda as a three day charter giving the middle day to enjoy the beautiful island.

Q. Can I help sail the yacht ?

A. Guests are welcome to take as much or as little part in the sailing as they wish. Hoist the main sail, take the helm and steer the boat or just sit back and relax……….it’s up to you !

Q. Can I learn to sail ?

A. Captain Nick is very happy to help you get a feel for the basics during a day charter, although it would take several days  to learn to sail properly.

Q. Does the price include a tip ?

A. No – gratuities are entirely at your discretion. The charter industry standards suggest tips of 10 -15% if you are especially pleased with the service.

We hope this answers some of your questions, if you have any other queries please

email us at info@adventurecaribbean.com    

or call Kaye on +1 268 764 0595         or Nick on +1 268 779 8198

Your Antigua sailing adventure starts here……….we look forward to welcoming you aboard.

CREDITS: Thanks to JABBERWOCKY guests Tab Butler, Lizzie Harris, Helen Hall, Olivia Wreford and Jackie Ashford for the use of their pictures on this website.

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